It was established in 1996, the CTM is valid in all EU states. The demands of a Europe growing trade under the aegis of flexibility and globalization has prompted strategies and tools more streamlined and effective to allow more consistent mobility of companies throughout the European Union

This certification is intended to prevent the registration and use in EU countries of similar marks (national or community) that previously filed. The body issuing the certificate is required UAMI Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market. Registration is effective only after an examination of the procedural and substantive requirements.

With a single procedure and a single tax the CTM grants a certificate valid in all EU countries, giving the holder the right to dispose of it in an exclusive way. the effects of this protection lasts 10 years from the date of filing of the application and can be renewed after its expiry. Do not use it in one of these countries does not invalidate the rights deriving. After which the Office is satisfied that the mark can be registered as a trade mark does a search for anticipations among CTM, publishing a report to be sent to holders applicants. In case of failure of the examination in question, you can affix their own motivation and comply with any changes. Be operative this stage, the office informs communication to holders of the publication of the new CTM application and then inserts it in the Community Trade Marks Bulletin.

For three months, before the registration is effective, holders of trademarks before they have the right to object to the brand. If the case is settled positively or where there has been its opposition, the Office registers the Community trade mark.

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