The design represents the shape of a product or the design that is reproduced on a surface and includes its lines, colours, shape, contours, structure and orientation. Registering the design of a product as a model or drawing is very important and allows you to easily defend it against imitations. The models have territorial validity limited to the state or states in which registration was requested; when a model is filed, it is therefore necessary to choose whether to file an Italian model -effective only in our country-, a European design -effective in all countries of the European Union and automatically extendable to all those who will become part of it in the future-, or an international model, valid in all countries chosen from among those that have signed up to the related agreements. Finally, it is also possible to file a model registration application in individual foreign countries. Registering a model is not easy because it requires specific skills, that is why Studio Rubino offers its advice and recognized professionalism and competence to assist the customer at 360°.


Copyright is an institution that protects works of a creative nature that belong to literature, music, drawing, theater, photography, cinema or the arts. The owner of the copyright is the one who created the work and has the right of economic use of the work for his entire life and up to seventy years after his or her death. Unlike what happens with patents or trademarks, no type of filing is necessary to obtain the right, as it is sufficient to prove that you are the author and have created the work before others. To facilitate the required proof regarding the authorship of a work, it is advisable to make a filing or registration of the work with an entity that certifies its date under the Copyright Law. In addition to the appropriate support in the filing of registration applications in Italy and abroad, our firm also provides technical-legal advice in the event of a dispute for this section.

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