The Copyright is a “reserve” the right of the person who creates the work. The author has the right to use the work of genius almost absolute. This work to be recognized as such must possess creative character and belonging or literature, music, design, theater, photography, cinema and the arts. It has almost no time limits, as it is recognized for the duration of the life of the author, up to seventy years later.

The Italian legal system, as well as higher-level ones to it, is concerned to preserve the “original works” regardless of any formal registration or deposit. In other words, the intellectual creations do not require, according to the law, a public statement. However it is clear that in case of plagiarism or theft intellectual work, it will be difficult, if not impossible, in the event of litigation prove the ownership and vindicate therefore, the paternity of his work. Opt for its registration is wise and sensible action that protects the author or the publisher from any abuse or unauthorized reproductions.

The national legal reference is the “Law on Copyright” that defines how the “certification” and other requirements to be met. The agency in charge of registration is the SIAE assisted by the support of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, at which to deposit application for registration and obtain certification on the “authorship”.
There are other public records, that the above-mentioned law established on behalf of the SIAE and have that for films and one for computer programs.
Staff provides for this section in addition to the appropriate support in the process of filing applications for registration in Italy and abroad, including legal and technical advice in the event of litigation.

The design or “Designs and Models” is the appearance of the product, its form. The law protects the institution recognizing the “design” the whole complex of elements that make up the product: Lines, Colors, Shape, Contours, Structure and Orientation.

Any industrial or handicraft item, or part of this, graphic symbols, packaging, typefaces fall within the definition of “product” can refer to the relevant legal protection.
Are not part of these forms as non-visible parts of the product in the condition of normal use, or only those features belonging to its technical functionality.

The requirements that must have a “design” to be recognized and thus protected are the originality and novelty, thus proving that no other model or design has been previously disclosed.
In extreme synthesis, according to the definition adopted by the doctrine, must have “individual character” has to make an impression altogether different from other types already known to the public.

In addition to the assistance functions, the team of experts elaborates searches for anticipations, opinions pro veritate interference between the rights of design, monitoring services on registration of the “model” and other legal actions against registration of other design. All this to protect, in Italy and abroad, during all phases of assistance, the intellectual property rights of any interference (such as plagiarism, theft and unauthorized exploitation).

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