Like any other element of a company, intangible assets represent a fundamental part of the assets that comprise it. These are known as intangible factors, typical of intellectual property (such as trademarks, patents and copyrights). In a nutshell bring into luceil wealth of knowledge of an organization (know how): therefore, know the value and potential is an important condition for the company and for the success of the offering.

In the absence of reference standard should develop strategies and actions to manage and monitor the importance of these resources.

Knowing the value of its intangible assets allows, for example, to “capitalize” through concessions licensing, trademarks and patents to other companies, Italian or foreign interested.

Studio Rubino Srl is able to offer assistance and advice to estimate the value of resources “intellectuals”, following strategies to guide the customer towards the benefits he craves.

A good evaluation intangible asset allows to stand in a position of importance in the market, including competitors, and offers, to potential investors and customers, a complete and transparent information on its activities.

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