Established in 1996, the European trademark is valid in all of the members states of the EU.

The needs of a commercial Europe that grows under the aegis of flexibility and globalization has required leaner and more effective strategies and tools to allow the more coherent mobility of businesses throughout the European Union.

This certification aims to prevent the registration and use in the European Union countries of (national or EU) trademarks similar to other trademarks previously filed.

Registration is effective only after an examination of the formal and substantive requirements.

The body responsible for issuing the necessary certificate is the EUIPO, the office for the harmonization of the EU internal market

With a single procedure and a single fee, the European trademark grants a Certificate valid in all EU countries, giving the owner the right to use it in an exclusive manner.

The effects of this protection last 10 years from the filing date of the application and can be renewed after its expiry.

After the EUIPO has verified that the trademark can be registered, it will notify the owners of the successful publication of the new European trademark application and subsequently insert it in the EU trademarks bulletin.

In the following three months from the publication date, before the registration is effective, the owners of previously registered trademarks have the right to oppose the registration of the new trademark.

If the dispute is resolved positively or in the event that there has been no opposition, the EUIPO registers the European trademark.

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