Studio Rubino has the distinction of being made up of a diverse body of experts, with administrative skills, technical and legal appropriate for all aspects related to the protection of intellectual property rights. Since procedural support to lawyers, is able to meet every customer need. The complex world of patents, trademarks, design, copyright, requires the presence of specialized staff, adequate to provide assistance to inventors and businesses that do not run out in procedural stages of submission of documentation, but that extends beyond.

Due to the numerous requests for deposits, the field of trademarks and patents is in continuous turmoil and renovation. This is an area that can not rely on people trained and competent; happen in fact, often, to be lodged existing trademarks and this has the effect of voiding the next recording. Rely on a competent study helps to ward off the fear that such a condition occurs. Also in these cases, those who claim the right infringed, may proceed with legal action against anyone who has adopted “the unlawful conduct.” The team follows its customers whether they are in the situation of the injured party in the position of the party “accused” by offering the most convenient solution.

Support (for clarity) extends in the stages of opinions on the validity of a patent, as well as a brand or a utility model. Before continuing with the implementation of the certification of a patent, for example, it is desirable to know that no other product or other factor is able to interfere with its validity; because it could run the risk of being confused with other products already on the market and can spoil the competition element basis of the free market.
These are just some of the elements, which during the early stages should know and study carefully, as with the notes “searches for anticipations.” Are steps that require a thorough study, an analysis that does not leave anything to chance, indicating the presence of professionalism sometimes exclusively to the needs of the customer.

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