There are numerous public policies and private investment activities in support of exploitation of intellectual property companies. In both cases, the purpose of financial incentives is to encourage research & innovation to improve the global market. These are institutions of national importance (state and parastatal), first of all, the Ministry of Economic Development, Community institutions and international organizations and “giants” of national and international finance, which, through the publication of public notices, allow all to take part. Their consultation is not complex nor impossible, thanks to the Internet and the many portals that restore it, but the full enjoyment of “requests to participate” is rendered virtually restricted to the complexity of the procedure for filling the same.
The requirements to possess, the documentation to find, and the whole procedure, often is guilty of debasing the applicant and to prevent access “really” free. For this reason it is appropriate that we rely on studies of highly specialized consultants who are able to direct and guide the work in the best possible way. Relying on studies competent prevents therefore, to make mistakes in filling out the announcement, promotes accurate and detailed collection of all the necessary documentation and bodes well in the successful outcome of the funding. In addition to supporting the customer in every relevant stage of the proceedings, Studio Rubino, held updated the section of these notices to stimulate greater spread of tools that, although difficult to find, can be a new stimulus for the company, a new beginning and a step towards new successes.

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