Business incentives, activated thanks to national, European or regional funds, are an indispensable tool for facilitating and encouraging investment in innovation, development and new technologies or in general in industrial property titles. The necessary requirements and documentation as well as the entire tortuous process of submitting the loan application often confuse the applicant and prevent a “really” free access to the information that you want to look for.

It is therefore very important to guide companies towards economic measures more suited to their needs. Relying on expert firms prevents making mistakes in submitting the tender application, providing the company with an accurate and detailed collection of all the necessary documentation, and bodes well for the success of the financing outcome. In addition to supporting the client in every related phase of the procedure, Studio Rubino will keep the section of these calls updated to stimulate a widespread diffusion of tools which, although difficult to find, can represent a new boost for a company, a new beginning and a step towards new successes.

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