The patent for invention is perhaps the most difficult in the “intellectual property rights”, as well as protect the rights of the owner aims to make the novelty and usefulness to the community. For the duration of the concession, which usually lasts for twenty years old, others will not be able to use it or play it. Upon expiry of the statutory period will be considered in the public domain. By definition, is a document “technical and legal” that gives the owner an exclusive right of exploitation of his invention, in a given place and for a limited time.

An invention is described as “a new and original solution to a technical problem”, may have to deal with both the product itself and with a part of it or even, a simple process or method that concerns its.

It is distinguished from “patent for utility model”, created to protect the new models, such as components that enable an improvement, an evolution of something already known. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish a utility model for an invention. Many consider the utility model as “a small invention”. You can say that if you have a new product invention is realized, while you have a utility model when it improves an existing product or known to the public.

Following the promulgation of of the Intellectual Property Code, the legislator has intervened endorsing the requirements that a brand and a patent must meet to obtain the concession of their status. Article 45 of the Code therefore contains references to the essential requirements, used as requirements of formal validity in the examination by UIBM:

1. news
2. inventive
3. industrial applicability
4. lawfulness
5. sufficient description

Once granted a patent, the law gives the owner the right to exclude third parties from its use. To put it in short, only the owner for the duration of the concession will be able to produce, use, market, sell, import, and grant licenses on its product.

Apply for a patent, to apply in all its voices and meet all of the requirements is not just a simple practice, for this reason to rely on industry experts enables better hope for the success of his concession.
It ‘a procedure that requires specialized knowledge in the relevant market, competitors existing and any similar products that may prevent a successful outcome.

Studio Rubino Srl to such pro, thanks to its team composed of various professionals, offers tools integrated approach in order to reach the satisfaction of customer needs without leaving anything to chance.

The services we provide, in addition to the obvious active presence during the stages of preparation of the application for filing and prosecution of patents and utility models, consist of meticulous preliminary research on the patentability of a given solution and accurate analysis on the requirements.
Accords between things its support to the customer also in the early stages of filing patent outside national borders (European patent applications and PCT national patent abroad).

In the phases prior to the submission of the application until its outcome, the presence of the expert study also allows not prove unprepared or lacking in the cases examined by the bodies responsible for assessing the validity (UIBM, EPO, WIPO), since the Like the tools and techniques of analysis of these bodies, has functions of research and study of every aspect of the life of a patent.

It also provides the necessary administrative and legal support, as well as technical for the duration of the procedures, even in the early stages of transfer of ownership, maintenance of the patent or spatial extent or even in judicial cases eventualmete present.

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