In general, any patent is valid exclusively only in the State in which it is granted; to extend abroad the rights stemming from the protection of an invention / solution, many questions will need to deposit foreign national, as there are countries in which you want to patent.
From the date of first deposit in a State within a year it will be possible to extend itoutside the national borders, using the priority date obtained with the first “registration”.

In Italy is the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) the institution responsible for issuing patents, which will be limited to a mere formal examination of the application for the assessment of patentability. However in the face of a substantial reform of 2008, if deemed appropriate, you can proceed with a substantive examination of the elements that make up not only the question but the “solution” in itself; subjecting it to a prior art search and a consequential “opinion of patentability.”
Although not binding are essential tools that allow the applicant to get a basic idea about the actual validity of the application and according to published reports can decide whether to proceed with more certainty, even with an extension abroad.

Once you have decided to subject the application to the applicant prior search I can affix their own motivations, comments will be considered essential to the outcome of the concession.
Generally the process to reach its actual concession lasts from four to five years, and even after its issuance may be subject to verification procedures for revocation in court.

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