Registering a trademark in Italy means obtaining an exclusive right, starting from the filing date. It has a ten-year duration and can be renewed indefinitely at each expiry date. The validity of this right is limited within the jurisdiction of the State in which it is registered (principle of territoriality), and it is only in this country that an adequate protection can be requested.

Another limit is characterized by the fact that the protection is applied only to the products indicated in the registration or related products.

However, there are exceptions, which have to do with a more guaranteed protection, that is, when the trademark enjoys a certain reputation, a reputation sufficient in itself to justify the actual presence of improper use of the registered trademark by third parties, regardless of the specifications of the product or its territorial district.

From the date of submission of the registration application, the applicant can assert his or her rights even before the registration has taken place.

The owners of trademarks filed previously have the right to oppose the registration of the new trademark within three months from the date of publication of an application deemed registrable.

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