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It was 1968 when Study Rubino started business planning and consulting in the field of engineering and technology. In a short time the growth of the team and the acquisition of specific know-how have allowed to expand their interests and skills in the field of Intellectual Property Consulting. The expert team boasts professionalism belonging to various sectors of the multidisciplinary doing the added utility of the study. From engineering to information technology, from law to economics, Study Rubino is able to support an integrated consulting for the customer and for its specific needs.

The services provided under the protection of industrial relate to multiple themes (preliminary design, technical and legal assistance, support in all phases of registration of trademarks and patents). Whether it’s trade marks, patents, utility models and design or copyright, the team is able to follow his client at all stages of the related processes of protection and counseling, within the national territory, EU or international. Moreover, in recent decades, even in the face of changes in legislation, the study was able to experience multiple paths to the preservation and enforcement of copyright. In addition, to meet the needs of an expanding world and a ‘business looking to internationalization took part ECTA (European Communities TradeMark Assosiation) http://www.ecta.org/

Another area of interest for the Study Rubino regards the fight against counterfeiting, as part of comprehensive protection against a market genuine and transparent, in compliance with a healthy and fair competition. For each sector Considered legal technical assistance then, is the frame and the assurance of a quality protection of intellectual property and the rights That follow.


Giuseppe Rubino

Sole Administrator

Technical Area - Patents and Trademarks Enhancement. Italian and community Trademark Attorney.
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Paola Rotella

Sales Manager

Administration, Controller, Trademarks Area. International Operations.
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Claudia Scalzo

Financial Area

Financial Area, Italian Operations.
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Federica Scorza

Legal Advice

Legal Advice Patents and Trademarks.
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Maria Concetta Fiorentino

Sales Area

Sales Area, Retentions Management.
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Noemi Sgammotta

Technical Area

Chemical and materials engineer. Technical Area Patents.
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