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The Trademark is the hallmark of a company's product
The name, colours, shape, packaging and sounds associated with a product make it unique on the market and recognisable to consumers Rubino & Partners employs a team of professionals specialised in the registration of Italian, European union and international trademarks, depending on the needs and prospects of development of the projects related to the brand.In the Italian legal system, the Trademark is governed by Legislative Decree no. 30 of 10/02/2005 of the Industrial Property Code.  


Why File a Trademark?

Registering a Trademark is of considerable strategic importance. 

Increasing the company's reputation, making the brand recognizable, retaining clients, having exclusive use and access to the facilities provided for registered trademarks are just some of the opportunities that manufacturing companies can take to increase their profits.

With a thorough Anteriority Search and only after having identified the best options available to the company, Rubino & Partners follows all the steps required to successfully register a Trademark step by step.

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